Define and meet students' expectations: Participation statistics

Your course is successful when students feel they have achieved their goals. Defining the ideal student and structuring the course on the basis of the founding values ​​outlined in the course objectives are some of the most important aspects in the creation of the course.

In this article, you will find information on how to properly outline and meet the expectations of your Udemy students. We will show you how to self-assess the progress of your course and we will show you some strategies to improve the way to meet the expectations of the students, dividing the section in Quick Win and Full Treatment . The fast WinningsAs you can imagine, they are quick ways to dramatically increase the quality of the student experience in your class. For teachers who want to put it all together and create a high-level course, we offer further suggestions in the complete treatment section .

Meet the student's expectations

What students appreciate (true student quotes) What do students recommend (true student quotes)
Knowing how the course will be structured and what I will learn is very useful. Although this course is useful for a beginner, I was hoping to learn more technical information that could be used in addition to the basics.
Good examples, lots of content, an interesting and detailed approach to the subject. Videos too short. Too essential and not sufficiently detailed.
The explanations and the volume of information offered are excellent. I thought the author would provide more support on the questions.
The course follows a structured and logical sequence that has helped me a lot. The accuracy and depth of the technical details provided were different from what I expected.
How successful teachers behave
Here are some of the good practices used by teachers to define, meet or exceed students' expectations. Keep these aspects in mind throughout the course, but make sure your presentation lesson includes all these points.

Define students' expectations in the introductory lesson:

Describe the curriculum. Students want to know what they will learn. Provide a brief overview of the curriculum and any projects or activities on which the students will have the opportunity to work.
Explain the motivations behind the choices of the program. Students need to know that planning your course is the result of in-depth choices. Show your support to students and demonstrate that you have reflected on the value of each section of the course.
Summarize learning activities. Show your students can put into practice the concepts learned in your course thanks to practical and useful exercises.
Indicates which students are NOT suited to the course. One of the main problems occurs when students believe they have purchased a basic level beginners course, and then discover that the course requires prior experience. Avoid making such mistakes, clearly indicating the minimum knowledge necessary to successfully complete the course and which category of student is not suitable for the course.
Describe what adequately prepared students can get from the course. Highlight why your course is valuable for students who have adequate preparation. Students are pleased to know how the course can help them improve a certain aspect or gain new skills.
Demonstrate empathy towards students who are the recipients of the course. When students feel that the teacher knows their needs and is able to meet them effectively, it is much easier for them to develop trust in them. Show that you know your students well and be the right person to help them achieve their goals.
If you already work this way, congratulations! If you want to try using these techniques or you want to improve your course in this area, here are some useful suggestions.

Fast payout (2 hours or less)
Create a new video of the introductory lesson in which:

Compare in front of the screen
Demonstrate understanding of the objectives and needs of the course students
Explain how your curriculum addresses these goals and needs
Describe why students should trust you as a teacher and your course as a means of ensuring that personal or professional goals are achieved
Check out this article for tips on how to plan and create the course.

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