Double enrollment at the university: what happens and penalties

Double enrollment in university in Italy: what happens if you enroll in two universities or faculty
With a royal decree of the fascist age, the possibility of enrolling in two faculties at the same time was banned in Italy . This limitation is foreseen only in our country, unlike the rest of Europe . In fact, here the choice of attending two universities is greatly facilitated by the Government, unlike Italy where double registration is completely forbidden. Let's see what happens in case of double registration with Italian universities and what are the penalties.

Warning! Minister Bussetti could change everything! Here are the latest news on the double degree:

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What happens if I am enrolled in two universities
The article of the Royal Decree of 1933 expressly states that " the simultaneous registration of different Universities and different Institutes of higher education, to different Faculties or Schools of the same University or of the same Institute and to different degree or diploma courses of the same institution is prohibited. same Faculty or School ". This regulatory provision has led to numerous problems, especially among students who have tried entry tests in several "similar" faculties,as Medicine and Biology. Through this system hundreds have therefore remained trapped. The results of the medical test are often announced after the University of Biology requires enrollment in the academic year. At the time of enrollment, students must pay the beauty of 700 euros. However, if they do not register by a certain date, many would risk losing the train. This provision is completely excluded abroad, in which students who decide to enroll at the same time with more than one faculty are also facilitated through numerous tax breaks .

Penalties for double university enrollment
If a student has performed two admission tests at the same time, once the result is known he has only 4 days to change the faculty and register in the new one. In particular, if you have enrolled in another degree course but you have been admitted to Medicine, this means that you have to submit the application for transfer / withdrawal from the studies within the 4 days required , so you enroll in Medicine without being enrolled at the same time another university. If you do not follow this procedure, your medical registration will be canceled. To do so, you must follow the procedure provided on the website of your University: first of all, you must fill out several forms to be delivered directly to the Student Secretariat of your Faculty. If you can not request the necessary documentation directly from the Secretariat, you only have to type in the university search engine the "resignation from studies" entry. Subsequently, a stamp was issued for a price of about 50 euros and the documentation was delivered to the Secretariat. If the Board of the chosen course does not require any examination, the passage request will be accepted without difficulty. The renunciation or cancellation is instead an irrevocable act, with the definitive closure of the

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