Student secretariat with foreign title

The Student Secretariat Sector with foreign qualifications takes care of the activities related to:

  • Evaluation of foreign qualifications for admissions to all study and post-graduate courses of foreign students and Italians with foreign qualifications;
  • Information on the educational offer, also through telelematic tools, to foreign students who request it. Implementation of the database for extra-EU and Chinese student quotas;
  • Relations with the Italian Embassies in the world.

The secretariat answers:

  • by e-mail (indicate name, surname and matriculation number; for the specific information about the accounting or academic position, a valid ID document is also required)
  • via Skype
  • at the counter

The practices at the counter can also be carried out by third parties provided they have signed proxy and copies of the documents of the delegate and the delegator.

The University recommends the use of the institutional email. 
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For all the information of an educational nature (lesson time, reception of teachers, training courses, etc.), contact the teaching secretariat of your degree course. 
The addresses of the educational secretariats are indicated on the web page of each course of study under the heading "THE COURSE> GOVERNMENT" 

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